I had been started to development in my junior high school which has largest and oldest computer lab in Istanbul in 1996. My first development experise on GwBasic with DOS and Turbo Pascal lately.

After high school years i decided to switch into desktop programming by Visual Basic which guided me to web development with ASP 3.0. 

As a result of researcher personality, i followed world-wide development trends. I used SEO and AJAX technologies and div-based design in earlier days of these technologies. Thus bring me a national award called Altın Örümcek(Golden Spider) which counts as the biggest award of the Turkish Internet Community in 2006.

Same site won a “Magic Results with Little Budgets” digital marketing award in 2008, by our gerilla marketing techniques.

In 2006, i developed Hosting softwares based on Windows API. There is another noticeable thing is developing trending technology named lightbox modal boxes in project which is still running in

After 2006, i focus on open source techs like Linux and PHP. I ported my CMS which i used in most of my projects into PHP. From 2006 to 2012, CMS renovated twice. We developed a complete social e-commerce system, which is integrated with social media and the search engine on that framework.

Since 2008, I focused on WordPress. I developed numerous projects for clients spread around the world. With WordPress, i completely switched on jQuery as a JavaScript framework.

I’m also experienced on Windows Server and Linux server environments in the several companies. I’m managing at least one server continuously since 2000 including many mission critical servers.

I’m also a licensed Apple Developer and i’m developing on iOS and Android softwares and some Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox.