Tolga Kaprol’s Resume

  • Ahmet Yesevi Kazakh-Turkish University – Computer Engineering (Bachelor Degree)
  • Istanbul University – Geophysics Engineering
  • Ahmet Simsek College (High School) – Science

I had developed PHP port of my CMS which i had developed for my first website since 2004. We used this framework to build website suite specialized for real estates and e-commerce. Software was completely written with SEO perspective. Framework also has own template system, social features.

We are also started to develop websites on WordPress with using its CMS functionalities since 2009.

I had also developed numerous WordPress plug-ins and themes for clients.

I also developed some experimental applications for Facebook & iOS.


Course Names:

– Data Compression
– Server Management & Networking

Besiktas, Istanbul

Developing and Maintaining Remax Turkey web site, Hosting Service Maintaining and Help Desk Support for Real Estate Offices, Developing Real Estate Web Sites for minor companies and networks.


Developing and maintaining subscription and payment systems for magazines.

Reference works:


  • Setup and managing client servers in Linux and Windows Server platforms.
  • Setup and manage network management systems.
  • Monitoring and managing datacenter environment.

We established Turksportal at 2000, for create public opinion to Sports Interactive(SI) about including Turkish Leagues into their football management game named Championship Manager. Campaign was succeeded and we have been awarded to build and manage research team.

I also involved to develop whole web site which is completely a portal which is still using by company. We had developed some earlier examples of ajax and div based design in the website.

Site was in Alexa Top 300 in Turkey. We won a national award named *Altin Orumcek* in 2006.

Web sites promotion strategy that we built also won Direct Marketing Awards in 2008.

Kadıköy, Istanbul

I had been hired by a media company for project called Turkish Football History which was developed for Turkish Football Federation (TFF). The goal was calculating different kind of statistics which takes many days for researchers such as international cap counts of players or teams player counts in national teams.

Software database was containing over 6000 match data since TFF was established. All data was manually entered to computer by data entry team which includes some of volunteers.
We have predicted scores of national matches with our statistical datas. Software gaved us many important errors on Federation’s printed publications.

The software was developed on Visual Basic with Access database. Some animations of the software was developed on Flash. Software has automatic data update feature as like as modern browsers.

Screenshots of the software can be displayed from

  • Teknoloji Tv – Geyik Bitti
  • SkyTurk – Fun Club
  • Snek TV (Digitürk – PayTV) – Zing Oyun
  • Platin (Monthly Economic Magazine)
  • Forward (Monthly Youth Magazine)
  • ( Monthly Telecommunication Magazine ) as a columnist
  • Bgamer ( Monthly Gaming Magazine in Portugal )

I had been started to development in my junior high school which has largest and oldest computer lab in Istanbul in 1996. My first development experise on GwBasic with DOS and Turbo Pascal lately.

After high school years i decided to switch into desktop programming by Visual Basic which guided me to web development with ASP 3.0. 

As a result of researcher personality, i followed world-wide development trends. I used SEO and AJAX technologies and div-based design in earlier days of these technologies. Thus bring me a national award called Altın Örümcek(Golden Spider) which counts as the biggest award of the Turkish Internet Community in 2006.

Same site won a “Magic Results with Little Budgets” digital marketing award in 2008, by our gerilla marketing techniques.

In 2006, i developed Hosting softwares based on Windows API. There is another noticeable thing is developing trending technology named lightbox modal boxes in project which is still running in

After 2006, i focus on open source techs like Linux and PHP. I ported my CMS which i used in most of my projects into PHP. From 2006 to 2012, CMS renovated twice. We developed a complete social e-commerce system, which is integrated with social media and the search engine on that framework.

Since 2008, I focused on WordPress. I developed numerous projects for clients spread around the world. With WordPress, i completely switched on jQuery as a JavaScript framework.

I’m also experienced on Windows Server and Linux server environments in the several companies. I’m managing at least one server continuously since 2000 including many mission critical servers.

I’m also a licensed Apple Developer and i’m developing on iOS and Android softwares and some Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


My Resume is also downloadable in PDF format.